Enjoy the Majesty of the Alaskan Outdoors and the Convenience of Urban Juneau

Everyone’s favourite time of year is finally here! After what feels like an eternity of cold, wet, gloomy weather, the sun has finally put in an appearance – a bit of a novelty, here in the UK – so make sure you make the most of the warm weather by spending some time in the great outdoors!

When people think of having lots of fun in the great outdoors, one of the first destinations to come to mind is definitely Alaska. The northern state is a veritable natural playground, with a wealth of pristine and charming natural habitats and some of the most enchanting panoramas in the world. To get the most out of your Alaska trip, and to have a little pampering even as you explore the untamed wilds of Alaska, stay at a Juneau hotel (one of the many catering to visitors, all of which are excellent) and let yourself enjoy this peaceful city.

Juneau is the largest city in the Alaskan panhandle and the third largest in the state, but in no way is it some sort of eye-soar that will distract you from the beautiful natural surroundings. Quite to the contrary, Juneau is exquisitely and ingeniously nestled into the Alaskan great outdoors, and within a few minutes’ drive you can check out the Mendenhall Glacier or see tons of other gorgeous sites. From your room in practically any Juneau hotel you’ll have wonderful vistas of the ocean and the forests and the rolling mountainous countryside, all of which will have you thinking of never leaving!

Juneau itself has plenty of charm as a small urban center, and has even been referred to by many as “a small San Francisco” (clearly intended as a compliment!). The city’s rich history as the epicenter of the Alaskan Gold Rush and previously as a major congregating area for different native tribes means that visitors will have tons of sites to see and stories to learn. And, any time people get tired of cars and so forth, they can quickly get away and enjoy some salmon fishing, hiking, bird watching, or a wide variety of other leisure activities. And to make nights as comfortable as possible, it’s just a short trip back to the comfort of your Juneau hotel room where all the amenities of cozy living await! So don’t put it off any longer: go check out Alaska! Once you get there, you will be sure to develop such a fondness that you’ll keep going back year after year after year…

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